It is I

My usage of this website has gone up and down over the years, as I’ve found other places to write in.

Nowadays it tends to serve its original purpose: having a little piece of real estate on the web that is very clearly mine.

I currently use this to verify my identity on both Mastodon and Bluesky.

Since I’m not currently writing here that frequently, I thought I’d put a post at the top that confirms that I am, indeed, this guy:

At present, my major writing goes to Liberal Currents.

Anything else goes to my Substack, The End of Safety, because it has an easy mechanism for charging subscribers. I use what little I make there (along with the Liberal Currents Patreon) to pay the people who write for Liberal Currents.

I’ll probably update this post every now and then as things change (for example, if I verify other platforms with this site/domain, or if I stop using Mastodon or Bluesky).

Here’s some of my writings for the curious:

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